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Ideas of Jeremy Bentham, by Text

[British, 1748 - 1832, Born in London. Helped to found University College, London.]

1789 Intro to Principles of Morals and Legislation
p.8 Is 'productive of happiness' the definition of 'right', or the cause of it?
p.129 Bentham thinks happiness is feeling good, but why use morality to achieve that?
p.144 Of Bentham's 'dimensions' of pleasure, only intensity and duration matter
I.1 p.33 Pleasure and pain control all human desires and duties
I.4 p.35 The community's interest is a sum of individual interests
II.14 n8.9 p.52 Unnatural, when it means anything, means infrequent
II.18 p.56 We must judge a thing morally to know if it conforms to God's will
IV.1 p.64 The value of pleasures and pains is their force
XVIII 1 n p.50 Large mature animals are more rational than babies. But all that really matters is - can they suffer?
1827 Constitutional Code I
p.139 p.114 Prejudice apart, push-pin has equal value with music and poetry