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Ideas of F.H. Bradley, by Text

[British, 1846 - 1924, Professor at Oxford University. Died in Oxford.]

1876 Ethical Studies
p.235 Happiness is not satisfaction of desires, but fulfilment of values [Scruton]
1893 Appearance and Reality
p.25 British Idealists said reality is a single Mind which experiences itself [Grayling]
p.42 Internal relations are said to be intrinsic properties of two terms, and of the whole they compose [Russell]
p.49 Claims about 'the Absolute' are not even verifiable in principle [Ayer]
p.112 Names need a means of reidentifying their referents [Read]
p.165 Metaphysics is having to find bad reasons for what we believe upon instinct
p.28 p.247 Relations must be linked to their qualities, but that implies an infinite regress of relations
p.519 p.26 Reality is one, because plurality implies relations, and they assert a superior unity