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Ideas of Robert B. Brandom, by Text

[American, fl. 1994, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.]

1994 Making It Explicit
p.327 p.263 Facts can't make claims true, because they are true claims
     Full Idea: Brandom says that facts do not make claims true, because facts simply are true claims.
     From: Robert B. Brandom (Making It Explicit [1994], p.327), quoted by Martin Kusch - Knowledge by Agreement Ch.18
     A reaction: Nice. Notoriously, anyone defending the correspondence theory of truth in terms of facts had better say what they mean by a 'fact'. Personally I take a fact to be a non-verbal, mind-independent situation in the world, so I disagree with Brandom.
2000 Articulating Reasons: Intro to Inferentialism
p.97 The use of a sentence is its commitments and entitlements
     Full Idea: Brandom develops a particular conception of 'use', according to which a sentence's use is the set of commitments and entitlements associated with public utterance of that sentence.
     From: report of Robert B. Brandom (Articulating Reasons: Intro to Inferentialism [2000]) by William Lycan - Philosophy of Language Ch.6
     A reaction: It immediately strikes me that a sentence could only have commitments and entitlements if it already had a meaning. However, the case of money shows how there might be nothing more to a thing's significance than its entitlements.