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Ideas of Luitzen E.J. Brouwer, by Text

[Dutch, 1881 - 1966, Born at Overschie. Professor at the University of Amsterdam. Died at Blaricum.]

1912 Intuitionism and Formalism
p.156 Intuitonists in mathematics worried about unjustified assertion, as well as contradiction
p.77 p.77 Scientific laws largely rest on the results of counting and measuring
p.79 p.79 Our dislike of contradiction in logic is a matter of psychology, not mathematics
p.80 p.80 Intuitionists only accept denumerable sets
p.80 p.80 Neo-intuitionism abstracts from the reuniting of moments, to intuit bare two-oneness
1928 Mathematics, Science and Language
p.198 Brouwer regards the application of mathematics to the world as somehow 'wicked'
p.200 Mathematics is a mental activity which does not use language
1930 works
p.179 For intuitionists excluded middle is an outdated historical convention
p.200 Brouwer saw reals as potential, not actual, and produced by a rule, or a choice
1948 Consciousness, Philosophy and Mathematics
p.8 Intuitionist mathematics deduces by introspective construction, and rejects unknown truths