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Ideas of Joseph Butler, by Text

[British, 1692 - 1752, Bishop of Durham.]

1726 Fifteen Sermons
p.176 Butler exalts conscience, but it may be horribly misleading [Anscombe]
1732 works
p.48 Everything is what it is, and not another thing
1736 Analogy of Religion
App.1 p.100 Consciousness of identity can't be identity; it presupposes identity is already understood
App.1 p.100 Consciousness of past shows us our identity, but it doesn't make our identity [PG]
App.1 p.100 A tree retains identity in a 'loose popular sense', but in a 'strict philosophical sense' it changes with its particles [PG]
App.1 p.101 If trees change identity when substance changes, unchanging persons must have a fixed substance [PG]
App.1 p.102 How can we care about our past or future without personal identity? [PG]
App.1 p.104 If we performed our past actions, we must have constant substance or properties [PG]