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Ideas of Frank Close, by Text

[British, fl. 1983, At the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire.]

2017 Theories of Everything
3 'Arrow' p.30 Third Law: total order and minimum entropy only occurs at absolute zero
3 'Arrow' p.32 Modern theories of matter are grounded in heat, work and energy
3 'Light!' p.34 Electric fields have four basic laws (two by Gauss, one by Ampère, one by Faraday)
3 'Light!' p.36 The electric and magnetic are tightly linked, and viewed according to your own motion
3 'Light!' p.39 Electro-magnetic waves travel at light speed - so light is electromagnetism!
3 'Light!' p.48 Light isn't just emitted in quanta called photons - light is photons
3 'Light!' p.51 Dirac showed how electrons conform to special relativity
3 'Light!' p.56 In QED, electro-magnetism exists in quantum states, emitting and absorbing electrons
3 'Newton's' p.21 All motions are relative and ambiguous, but acceleration is the same in all inertial frames
3 'Perpetual' p.27 First Law: energy can change form, but is conserved overall
3 'Perpetual' p.28 Work degrades into heat, but not vice versa
4 'Higgs' p.78 The Higgs field is an electroweak plasma - but we don't know what stuff it consists of
5 'Gravity' p.96 The general relativity equations relate curvature in space-time to density of energy-momentum
5 'Planck' p.99 In general relativity the energy and momentum of photons subjects them to gravity
6 'Hierarchy' p.112 Electrons get their mass by interaction with the Higgs field
6 'Intro' p.108 Quantum fields contain continual rapid creation and disappearance
6 'Intro' p.109 Space-time is indeterminate foam over short distances
6 'Superstrings' p.118 Photon exchange drives the electro-magnetic force