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Ideas of Thomas M. Crisp, by Text

[American, fl. 2003, Professor at Florida State University.]

2003 Presentism
Intro n.1 p.212 'Eternalism' is the thesis that reality includes past, present and future entities
2.1 p.216 Worm Perdurantism has a fusion of all the parts; Stage Perdurantism has one part at a time
2.4 p.218 The only three theories are Presentism, Dynamic (A-series) Eternalism and Static (B-series) Eternalism
3.4 p.237 The weaker version of Truthmaker: 'truth supervenes on being'
3.4 p.237 Truthmaker has problems with generalisation, non-existence claims, and property instantiations
3.4 p.237 The Truthmaker thesis spells trouble for presentists
3.4 p.240 Presentists can talk of 'times', with no more commitment than modalists have to possible worlds