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Ideas of Charles Darwin, by Text

[British, 1809 - 1882, Of Cambridge University. Made famous voyage on the 'Beagle'. Lived in Kent.]

1859 The Origin of the Species
p.476 p.206 A false theory could hardly rival the explanatory power of natural selection
     Full Idea: It can hardly be supposed that a false theory would explain, in so satisfactory a manner as does the theory of natural selection, the several large classes of facts above specified.
     From: Charles Darwin (The Origin of the Species [1859], p.476), quoted by Peter Lipton - Inference to the Best Explanation (2nd) 11 'The scientific'
     A reaction: More needs to be said, since the whims of God could explain absolutely everything (in a manner that would be somehow less that fully satisfying to the enquiring intellect).