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Ideas of Mark Fisher, by Text

[British, fl. 2009, Teacher at Goldsmith's, University of London.]

2009 Capitalist Realism
1 p.2 It is hard to imagine the end of capitalism
     Full Idea: It is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.
     From: Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism [2009], 1)
     A reaction: His book addresses the question of whether complacently accepting capitalism is the right attitude. I read it because I am complacently resigned to living with capitalism. If we started again, would capitalism be a rational choice?
6 p.42 Are students consumers or products of education?
     Full Idea: Are students the consumers of education, or its product?
     From: Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism [2009], 6)
     A reaction: As a teacher I have been increasingly obliged to treat pupils as customers, meaning that my main task is to keep them happy. Admittedly, pupils who are interested are usually happy pupils, but as a main objective happiness seems wrong.
8 p.62 Big central government only exists as a focus for anger - not to act
     Full Idea: The specter of big government is there to be blamed precisely for its failure to act as a centralising power, the anger directed at it much like the fury Thomas Hardy supposedly spat at God for not existing.
     From: Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism [2009], 8)
     A reaction: The point is that the power resides with the leaders of capitalism, and central government is largely a side-show. Sounds somewhat true, and the politicians are largely unaware of their role.