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Ideas of Susan Haack, by Text

[British, fl. 1980, Formerly at the University of Warwick in England, then at the University of Miami.]

1978 Philosophy of Logics
7.5 p.103 The same sentence could be true in one language and meaningless in another, so truth is language-relative
     Full Idea: The definition of truth will have to be, Tarski argues, relative to a language, for one and the same sentence may be true in one language, and false or meaningless in another.
     From: Susan Haack (Philosophy of Logics [1978], 7.5)
7.6 p.113 Logical truth seems much less likely to 'correspond to the facts' than factual truth does
     Full Idea: It is surely less plausible to suppose that logical truth consists in correspondence to the facts than that 'factual' truth does.
     From: Susan Haack (Philosophy of Logics [1978], 7.6)