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Ideas of Nicholas Hill, by Text

[English, 1570 - 1610, Follower of Giordano Bruno. Sacked from St John's, Oxford. May have committed suicide.]

1610 Philosophia Epicurea
n 35 p.182 Form is the principle that connects a thing's constitution (rather than being operative)
     Full Idea: Form is the state and condition of a thing, a result of the connection among its material principles; it is a constituting principle, not an operative one.
     From: Nicholas Hill (Philosophia Epicurea [1610], n 35)
     A reaction: Pasnau presents this as a denial of form, but it looks to me like someone fishing for what form could be in a more scientific context. Aristotle would have approved of 'principles'. Hill seems to defend the categorical against the dispositional.