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Ideas of Peter Koellner, by Text

[American, fl. 2006, Professor at Harvard University.]

2006 On the Question of Absolute Undecidability
Intro p.2 Mathematical set theory has many plausible stopping points, such as finitism, and predicativism
1.1 p.4 PA is consistent as far as we can accept, and we expand axioms to overcome limitations
1.2 p.7 CH: An infinite set of reals corresponds 1-1 either to the naturals or to the reals
1.4 p.10 There are at least eleven types of large cardinal, of increasing logical strength
1.4 p.10 Arithmetical undecidability is always settled at the next stage up
2.1 p.13 'Reflection principles' say the whole truth about sets can't be captured
5.3 p.37 We have no argument to show a statement is absolutely undecidable