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Ideas of Robin Le Poidevin, by Text

[British, fl. 1996, Leeds University]

1998 Intro to 'Questions of Time and Tense'
Intro p.2 In the tenseless view, all times are equally real, so statements of the future have truth-values
Intro p.2 It is claimed that the tense view entails the unreality of both future and past
1 p.3 If things don't persist through time, then change makes no sense
1 n2 p.3 Things which have ceased change their A-series position; things that persist change their B-series position
2 p.4 At the very least, minds themselves seem to be tensed
2 p.4 Evil can't be an illusion, because then the illusion that there is evil would be evil
2 p.5 We share a common now, but not a common here
3 p.6 The new tenseless theory offers indexical truth-conditions, instead of a reductive analysis
5 p.8 If the future is not real, we don't seem to have any obligation to future individuals
6 p.9 God being inside or outside of time both raise a group of difficult problems
7 p.10 Fiction seems to lack a tensed perspective, and offers an example of tenseless language
1998 Past, Present and Future of Debate about Tense
1 (a) p.13 In the B-series, time-positions are unchanging; in the A-series they change (from future to present to past)
4 (b) p.33 Tensed theorists typically try to reduce the tenseless to the tensed
5 p.37 It is the view of the future that really decides between tensed and tenseless views of time
5 p.41 We want illuminating theories, rather than coherent theories
2001 Interview with Baggini and Stangroom
p.174 p.174 A-theory says past, present, future and flow exist; B-theory says this just reports our perspective
p.174 p.174 It is disturbing if we become unreal when we die, but if time is unreal, then we remain real after death
p.222 p.222 Existentialism focuses on freedom and self-making, and insertion into the world