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Ideas of J.L. Mackie, by Text

[Australian, 1917 - 1982, Born in Sydney. At University College, Oxford University.]

1955 Evil and Omnipotence
B p.95 Is evil an illusion, or a necessary contrast, or uncontrollable, or necessary for human free will?
Pref. p.92 The propositions that God is good and omnipotent, and that evil exists, are logically contradictory
1965 Causes and Conditions
p.70 Mackie tries to analyse singular causal statements, but his entities are too vague for events
p.71 Necessity and sufficiency are best suited to properties and generic events, not individual events
p.189 A cause is part of a wider set of conditions which suffices for its effect
p.407 Mackie has a nomological account of general causes, and a subjunctive conditional account of single ones
1 p.34 A cause is an Insufficient but Necessary part of an Unnecessary but Sufficient condition
3 p.47 The virus causes yellow fever, and is 'the' cause; sweets cause tooth decay, but they are not 'the' cause
4 p.48 Necessary conditions are like counterfactuals, and sufficient conditions are like factual conditionals
9 p.52 The INUS account interprets single events, and sequences, causally, without laws being known
9 p.54 Some says mental causation is distinct because we can recognise single occurrences
1977 Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong
p.107 The 'error theory' of morals says there is no moral knowledge, because there are no moral facts