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Ideas of D.H. Mellor, by Text

[British, b.1938, Professor at Cambridge University.]

1991 Properties and Predicates
'Intro' p.255 There is obviously a possible predicate for every property
'Props' p.257 If properties were just the meanings of predicates, they couldn't give predicates their meaning
'Props' p.258 We need universals for causation and laws of nature; the latter give them their identity
'Props' p.259 Singular causation requires causes to raise the physical probability of their effects
'Props' p.260 A property is merely a constituent of laws of nature; temperature is just part of thermodynamics
1995 The Facts of Causation
p.5 We might use 'facta' to refer to the truth-makers for facts [Schaffer,J]
p.79 Causal statements relate facts (which are whatever true propositions express) [Psillos]
p.412 Probabilistic causation says C is a cause of E if it increases the chances of E occurring [Tooley]