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Ideas of Mencius (Meng K'e), by Text

[Chinese, 372 - 289 BCE, Teacher of Confucian thinking. Adviser to King Hui of Liang.]

310BCE Mencius
1.A.3 p.51 Should a coward who ran fifty paces from a battle laugh at another who ran a hundred?
1.A.7 p.55 Avoid the animals you are going to eat, as it is hard once you have got to know them
1.A.7 p.56 Extend the treatment of the old and young in your family to the rest of society
1.A.7 p.57 Seeking peace through war is like looking for fish up a tree
1.B.1 p.60 If the King likes music then there is hope for the state
1.B.1 p.61 A true king shares his pleasure with the people
1.B.7 p.67 Only put someone to death if the whole population believes it is deserved