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Ideas of Rayo,A/Uzquiasno,G, by Text

[, fl. 2006, At MIT and Oxford.]

2006 Introduction to 'Absolute Generality'
1.1 p.1 The domain of an assertion is restricted by context, either semantically or pragmatically
1.1 p.2 We could have unrestricted quantification without having an all-inclusive domain
1.2.1 p.4 Absolute generality is impossible, if there are indefinitely extensible concepts like sets and ordinals
1.2.2 p.7 Some set theories give up Separation in exchange for a universal set
1.2.2 p.7 The two best understood conceptions of set are the Iterative and the Limitation of Size
1.2.2 p.8 Perhaps second-order quantifications cover concepts of objects, rather than plain objects