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Ideas of Sophocles, by Text

[Greek, c.496 - 406 BCE, Born at Colonus. Author of tragic dramas in Athens. Died in Athens.]

430BCE Women of Trachis
p.20 Sophoclean heroes die terrible deaths when they oppose the new Athenian values
     Full Idea: Sophocles has Ajax (in 'Ajax') and Hercules (in 'Trachiniae') die terrible deaths because of the opposition they represent to the values which are the new values of Periclean Athens.
     From: report of Sophocles (Women of Trachis [c.430 BCE]) by A.C. Grayling - What is Good? Ch.2
     A reaction: Presumably they are tragic heroes, who hence invite our sympathy, like Othello and Hamlet, who also die following an older moral code. It is only tragic if the code they follow has something 'higher' about it.