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Ideas of Diogenes (Sin), by Text

[Greek, 403 - 324 BCE, Born at Sinope. Lived in a barrel in the marketplace, in Athens and Corinth. A 'citizen of the world'. Founded the Cynic tradition.]

360BCE talk
p.42 For peace of mind, you need self-government, indifference and independence
p.43 Cynicism was open to anyone, and needed neither education nor sophistication
p.47 The Cynics rejected what is conventional as irrational, and aimed to live by nature
p.231 Diogenes said a plucked chicken fits Plato's definition of man
p.231 When someone denied motion, Diogenes got up and walked away
p.240 Diogenes said he was a citizen of the world
p.241 Diogenes said avoidance of philosophy is the lack of a desire to live properly
p.243 Diogenes said that the most excellent thing among men was freedom of speech