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Ideas of Diogenes (Apoll), by Text

[Greek, c.480 - 420 BCE, Born in Apollonia, in Crete. A doctor. Lived in Athens for a while.]

440BCE Natural Science (lost)
p.152 Diogenes of Apollonia offered the first teleological account of cosmology
A05 p.196 Diogenes of Apollonia was the last natural scientist
A19 p.200 Perception must be an internal matter, because we can fail to perceive when we are preoccupied
B01 p.87 Start a thesis with something undisputable
B02 p.87 Everything is ultimately a variation of one underlying thing
B02 p.87 Plants and animals can only come into existence if something fixes their species
B02 p.87 Things must retain their essential nature during change, or mixing would be impossible
B05 p.88 Air is divine, because it is in and around everything, and arranges everything
B05 p.88 Each thing must be in some way unique