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Ideas of Euclid, by Text

[Greek, 330 - 270 BCE, Born in Alexandria. Studied at the Academy in Athens. Died in Alexandria.]

290BCE Elements of Geometry
p.1 An assumption that there is a largest prime leads to a contradiction [Brown,JR]
p.24 Euclid's parallel postulate defines unique non-intersecting parallel lines [Friend]
p.87 Postulate 2 says a line can be extended continuously [Shapiro]
p.183 Euclid needs a principle of continuity, saying some lines must intersect [Shapiro]
p.404 Modern geometries only accept various parts of the Euclid propositions [Russell]
7 Def 1 p.194 A unit is that according to which each existing thing is said to be one
72a17 p.149 Euclid's common notions or axioms are what we must have if we are to learn anything at all