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Ideas of Epictetus, by Text

[Greek, 55 - 135, Born in slavery at Hierapolis. Taught by Musonius Rufus. Freed, and founded his own school at Nicopolis. Arrian was a pupil.]

56 The Discourses
1.04.26 p.196 Tragedies are versified sufferings of people impressed by externals
1.18.6-7 p.44 Punishing a criminal for moral ignorance is the same as punishing someone for being blind
2.10.4 p.200 A citizen is committed to ignore private advantage, and seek communal good
2.10.5 p.200 If we could foresee the future, we should collaborate with disease and death
2.11.13 p.202 Philosophy investigates the causes of disagreements, and seeks a standard for settling them
4.08.14 p.111 Philosophy is knowing each logos, how they fit together, and what follows from them
58 The Handbook
16 p.258 Epictetus says we should console others for misfortune, but not be moved by pity [Taylor,C]