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Ideas of Giordano Bruno, by Text

[Italian, 1548 - 1600, Lived in London for a while (doing some spying). Burnt at the stake for heresy in Rome.]

1590 works
p.11 Bruno said that ancient Egyptian magic was the true religion
     Full Idea: Giordano Bruno maintained that the magical Egyptian religion of the world was not only the most ancient but also the only true religion, which both Judaism and Christianity had obscured and corrupted.
     From: report of Giordano Bruno (works [1590]) by Frances A. Yates - Giordano Bruno and Hermetic Tradition Ch.1
     A reaction: His beliefs were based on the Hermetic writings. No wonder he was burned at the stake. Atheists now lay flowers at his memorial in Rome. The sixteenth century was when the hunt for alternatives to established religion began.