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Ideas of Joseph Butler, by Text

[British, 1692 - 1752, Bishop of Durham.]

1726 Fifteen Sermons
p.176 Butler exalts conscience, but it may be horribly misleading
1732 works
p.48 Everything is what it is, and not another thing
1736 Analogy of Religion
App.1 p.100 Consciousness of identity can't be identity; it presupposes identity is already understood
App.1 p.100 Consciousness of past shows us our identity, but it doesn't make our identity
App.1 p.100 A tree retains identity in a 'loose popular sense', but in a 'strict philosophical sense' it changes with its particles
App.1 p.101 If trees change identity when substance changes, unchanging persons must have a fixed substance
App.1 p.102 How can we care about our past or future without personal identity?
App.1 p.104 If we performed our past actions, we must have constant substance or properties