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Ideas of Bernard Bolzano, by Text

[Czechoslovakian, 1781 - 1848, Born in Prague. German-speaking. Catholic priest. Professor at University of Prague. Sacked for liberal views in 1819.]

1837 Theory of Science (4 vols)
p.6 Philosophical proofs in mathematics establish truths, and also show their grounds
p.6 Propositions are abstract structures of concepts, ready for judgement or assertion
p.67 Bolzano began the elimination of intuition, by proving something which seemed obvious
p.129 Bolzano wanted to avoid Kantian intuitions, and prove everything that could be proved
Pref p. The ground of a pure conceptual truth is only in other conceptual truths
3 p.39 The laws of thought are true, but they are not the axioms of logic
Pref? p. A 'proposition' is the sense of a linguistic expression, and can be true or false
1846 Paradoxes of the Infinite
p.131 A truly infinite quantity does not need to be a variable
4 p.56 An aggregate in which order does not matter I call a 'set'