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Ideas of Peter (Pyotr) Kropotkin, by Text

[Russian, 1842 - 1921, Anarchist and scientist]

1886 Law and Authority
1 'Anarchism' p.29 Only liberty, equality and sympathy can stand up to anti-social people
     Full Idea: Liberty, equality and practical human sympathy are the only effective barriers we can oppose to the anti-social instincts of certain among us.
     From: Peter (Pyotr) Kropotkin (Law and Authority [1886], 1 'Anarchism'), quoted by Jonathan Wolff - An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Rev)
     A reaction: One might state it more succinctly as 'only the social can oppose the anti-social'. The dominance in society of essentially anti-social people seems to have become a major political fact in 2017, in the UK and the USA.