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Ideas of Karl Marx, by Text

[German, 1818 - 1883, Born at Trier. Worked in the British Museum Reading Room. Died in London.]

1844 Contrib to Critique of Hegel's Phil of Right
Intro p.158 Religion is the opium of the people, and real happiness requires its abolition
1846 Theses on Feuerbach
§II p.121 Whether human thinking can be 'true' must be decided in practice, not theory
§VI p.122 The human essence is not found in individuals but in social relations
§VII p.122 Religious feeling is social in origin
§XI p.123 Philosophers have interpreted the world, but the point is to change it
1860 works
p.163 Marx rejected equal rights because they never actually treat people as equals
p.251 Liberal freedom is the right to be separate, and ignores the union of man with man