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Ideas of Max Weber, by Text

[German, 1864 - 1920, Professor of Economics at the Universities of Heidelberg and Munich. A founder of sociology.]

1904 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
1 p.4 Punish the heretic, but be indulgent to the sinner
5 p.116 Acquisition and low consumption lead to saving, investment, and increased wealth
5 p.123 When asceticism emerged from the monasteries, it helped to drive the modern economy
5 p.124 The idea of duty in one's calling haunts us, like a lost religion
Author's Intro p.-12 Capitalism is not unlimited greed, and may even be opposed to greed
Author's Intro p.-7 Modern western capitalism has free labour, business separate from household, and book-keeping
1905 works
p.121 Nature requires causal explanations, but society requires clarification by reasons and motives [Critchley]
1919 Economy and Society
p.53 p.141 Domination is probable obedience by some group of persons