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Ideas of Marcel Proust, by Text

[French, 1871 - 1922, Famous novelist. Lived as a recluse in a cork-lined room in the Boulevard Haussman, Paris.]

1922 Remembrance of Things Past
Cities.2.1 p.735 When we need to do something, we depute an inner servant to remind us of it
     Full Idea: Whenever we have something definite to do at a given moment, we depute a certain person inside us who is accustomed to that sort of duty to keep an eye on the clock and warn us of the time. This inner servant reminded me that Albertine was coming soon.
     From: Marcel Proust (Remembrance of Things Past [1922], Cities.2.1)
     A reaction: I think Proust is wrong that we 'depute' this servant. I think it comes as a built-in feature, and the servant could never be abandoned or sacked, no matter how poor the service. Each of us is a team, which includes servants.