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Ideas of E.M. Cioran, by Text

[Roumanian, 1911 - 1995, Freelance writer.]

1949 A Short History of Decay
1 'Defense' p.93 Opportunists can save a nation, and heroes can ruin it
1 'Disintoxication' p.76 The pointless of our motives and irrelevance of our gestures reveals our vacuity
1 'Dislocation' p.14 You are stuck in the past if you don't know boredom
1 'Farewell' p.49 I abandoned philosophy because it didn't acknowledge melancholy and human weakness
1 'Farewell' p.50 Great systems of philosophy are just brilliant tautologies
1 'Farewell' p.50 To live authentically, we must see that philosophy is totally useless
1 'Farewell' p.51 Originality in philosophy is just the invention of terms
1 'Felicity' p.84 Intelligence only fully flourishes at the end of a historical period
1 'Felicity' p.84 The ideal is to impose a religion by force, and then live in doubt about its beliefs
1 'Gamut' p.44 Lovers are hateful, apart from their hovering awareness of death
1 'Gamut' p.44 I want to suppress in myself the normal reasons people have for action
1 'Genealogy' p.3 Ideas are neutral, but people fill them with passion and weakness
1 'Genealogy' p.3 When man abandons religion, he then follows new fake gods and mythologies
'1 'La Perduta' p.79 Circles of hell are ridiculous; all that matters is to be there
1 'Militant' p.46 Evidence suggests that humans do not have a purpose
1 'Militant' p.46 As the perfect wisdom of detachment, philosophy offers no rivals to Taoism
1 'Resources' p.39 Religions see suicide as insubordination
1 'Resources' p.39 No one has ever found a good argument against suicide
1 'The Coming' p.89 Our instincts had to be blunted and diminished, to make way for consciousness!
1 'The Devil' p.21 Why is God so boring, and why does God resemble humanity so little?
1 'The Indirect' p.27 Despite endless suggestions, no one has found a goal for history
1 'The Indirect5' p.27 Unlike other creatures, mankind seems lost in nature
1 'The Key' p.28 We can only live because our imagination and memory are poor
1 'The Reactionary' p.40 The universe is dirty and fragile, as if a scandal in nothingness had produced its matter
1 'The Reactionary' p.41 It is pointless to refuse or accept the social order; we must endure it like the weather
1 'Twilight' p.36 Wisdom is just the last gasp of a dying civilization
1 'Variations' p.11 Life is now more dreaded than death
1'Resources' p.38 If you have not contemplated suicide, you are a miserable worm
3 p.115 At a civilisation's peak values are all that matters, and people unconsciously live by them
3 p.115 A nation gives expression to its sum of values, and is then exhausted
3 p.118 No great idea ever emerged from a dialogue
3 p.123 An axiom has no more authority than a frenzy
3 p.123 The history of ideas (and deeds) occurs in a meaningless environment
3 p.125 We use concepts to master our fears; saying 'death' releases us from confronting it
4 'Threat' p.140 Man is never himself; he always aims at less than life, or more than life
5 p.151 Truth is just an error insufficiently experienced
5 p.153 History is wonderfully devoid of meaning
6 'Obsequies' p.167 If you lack beliefs, boredom is your martyrdom
6 'The Architect' p.164 No one is brave enough to say they don't want to do anything; we despise such a view
6 'Truths' p.180 Some thinkers would have been just as dynamic, no matter when they had lived
6 'Underside' p.158 Metaphysics is a universalisation of physical anguish
6 'Views' p.176 Eventually every 'truth' is guaranteed by the police
6 'Views' p.177 History is the bloody rejection of boredom
6 'Views' p.177 A religion needs to motivate killings, and cannot tolerate rivals
6 'We' p.183 Values don't accumulate; they are ruthlessly replaced
6 'Wonders' p.162 We all need sexual secrets!
'The Abstract' p.29 The mind is superficial, only concerned with the arrangement of events, not their significance