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Ideas of C.D. Broad, by Text

[British, 1887 - 1971, Professor at Bristol University, and then Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge University.]

1923 Scientific Thought
p.1 The present and past exist, but the future does not [Dummett]
10 'Duration' p.393 A thing is simply a long event, linked by qualities, and spatio-temporal unity
II p.66 We could say present and past exist, but not future, so that each event adds to the total history
p.54 p.31 If short-lived happenings like car crashes are 'events', why not long-lived events like Dover Cliffs?
1925 Mind and Its Place in Nature
p.7 Broad rejects the inferential component of the representative theory [Maund]
1933 Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy
I.349-50 p.186 Surely the past phases of a thing are not parts of the thing?