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Ideas of Ernest Nagel, by Text

[American, 1901 - 1985, Born at Novemesto. Professor at Columbia University.]

1961 The Structure of Science
p.213 Reduction has been defined as deriving one theory from another by logic and maths
     Full Idea: Ernest Nagel defines reduction as the possibility of deriving all laws of one theory by logic and mathematics to another theory, with appropriate 'bridging principles' (either definitions, or empirical laws) connecting the expressions of the two theories.
     From: report of Ernest Nagel (The Structure of Science [1961]) by Jaegwon Kim - Philosophy of Mind p.213
     A reaction: This has been labelled as 'weak' reduction, where 'strong' reduction would be identity, as when lightning is reduced to electrical discharge. You reduce x by showing that it is y in disguise.