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Ideas of Martha Nussbaum, by Text

[American, b.1947, Professor at Chicago Law School.]

1994 The Therapy of Desire
p.112 Philosophers after Aristotle endorsed the medical analogy for eudaimonia [Flanagan]
2003 Rawls and Feminism
03 p.71 Liberals must respect family freedom - but families are the great oppressors of women
2011 Creating Capabilities
1 p.15 Storytelling is never neurtral; some features of the world must be emphasised
2 p.19 Liberalism does not need a comprehensive account of value
2 p.33 Capabilities: Life, Health, Safety, Mental life, Love, Planning, Joining in, Nature, Play, Control [PG]
2 p.36 Justice requires that the ten main capabilities of people are reasonably enabled
3 p.54 We shouldn't focus on actual preferences, which may be distorted by injustices
3 p.56 Women are often treated like children, and not respected for their choices
3 p.63 Capabilities are grounded in bare humanity and agency; qualifying as rational is not needed
3 p.65 Negative liberty is incoherent; all liberties, to do and to be, require the prevention of interference
3 p.65 Rights are not just barriers against state interference; governments must affirm capabilities of citizens
3 p.67 Political and civil rights are not separate from economic and social rights
4 p.71 Political freedom is an incoherent project, because some freedoms limit other freedoms
4 p.86 Social contracts assume equal powers among the participants
4 p.92 Any establishment belief system is incompatible with full respect for all citizens
8 p.150 Keep premises as weak as possible, to avoid controversial difficulties
8 p.160 The Capabilities Approach sees animals as agents, not just as having feelings
8 p.161 We should respect animals in the way that we respect the animal nature in humans
8 p.162 It may be no harm to kill an animal which cannot plan for its future
8 p.176 Particularism gives no guidance for the future
8 p.180 Compassion is unreliable, because it favours people close to us