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Ideas of Charles Parsons, by Text

[American, fl. 1980, Professor at Columbia University, then Harvard University.]

1965 Frege's Theory of Numbers
p.194 Parsons says counting is tagging as first, second, third..., and converting the last to a cardinal [Heck]
1971 A Plea for Substitutional Quantification
p.156 p.156 Substitutional existential quantifier may explain the existence of linguistic entities
p.156 p.156 On the substitutional interpretation, '(∃x) Fx' is true iff a closed term 't' makes Ft true
p.159 n8 p.159 Modal logic is not an extensional language
1980 Mathematical Intuition
p.152 p.106 General principles can be obvious in mathematics, but bold speculations in empirical science
2009 Review of Tait 'Provenance of Pure Reason'
2 p.224 If a mathematical structure is rejected from a physical theory, it retains its mathematical status
2 p.225 The old problems with the axiom of choice are probably better ascribed to the law of excluded middle
4 p.237 If functions are transfinite objects, finitists can have no conception of them