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Ideas of André Gallois, by Text

[American, fl. 1998, Professor at Syracuse University.]

1998 Occasions of Identity
p.154 Occasional Identity: two objects can be identical at one time, and different at others
p.163 Gallois hoped to clarify identity through time, but seems to make talk of it impossible
p.171 Gallois is committed to identity with respect to times, and denial of simple identity
1.II p.15 A CAR and its major PART can become identical, yet seem to have different properties
2011 Identity over Time
Intro p.1 If things change they become different - but then no one thing undergoes the change!
§2.5 p.11 4D: time is space-like; a thing is its history; past and future are real; or things extend in time
§3 p.13 If two things are equal, each side involves a necessity, so the equality is necessary