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Ideas of André Gallois, by Text

[American, fl. 1998, Professor at Syracuse University.]

1998 Occasions of Identity
p.154 Occasional Identity: two objects can be identical at one time, and different at others [Hawley]
p.163 Gallois hoped to clarify identity through time, but seems to make talk of it impossible [Hawley]
p.171 Gallois is committed to identity with respect to times, and denial of simple identity [Sider]
1.II p.15 A CAR and its major PART can become identical, yet seem to have different properties
2011 Identity over Time
Intro p.1 If things change they become different - but then no one thing undergoes the change!
§2.5 p.11 4D: time is space-like; a thing is its history; past and future are real; or things extend in time
§3 p.13 If two things are equal, each side involves a necessity, so the equality is necessary