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Ideas of Robert Nozick, by Text

[American, 1938 - 2002, Born in New York. Professor at Harvard University.]

1974 Anarchy,State, and Utopia
p.33 Property is legitimate by initial acquisition, voluntary transfer, or rectification of injustice [Swift]
p.96 If people hold things legitimately, just distribution is simply the result of free exchanges [Kymlicka]
p.102 Nozick assumes initial holdings include property rights, but we can challenge that [Kymlicka]
p.108 How did the private property get started? If violence was involved, we can redistribute it [Kymlicka]
p.109 If property is only initially acquired by denying the rights of others, Nozick can't get started [Kymlicka]
p.113 Freedom to live according to our own conception of the good is the ultimate value [Kymlicka]
Pref p.-8 Individual rights are so strong that the state and its officials must be very limited in power
Pref p.-8 States can't enforce mutual aid on citizens, or interfere for their own good
Pref p.-8 A minimal state should protect, but a state forcing us to do more is unjustified
3 'Experience' p.42 If an experience machine gives you any experience you want, should you hook up for life?
p.175 p.175 Can I come to own the sea, by mixing my private tomato juice with it?
1981 Philosophical Explanations
p.30 Maybe knowledge is belief which 'tracks' the truth [Williams,M]
3.1 p.37 A true belief isn't knowledge if it would be believed even if false. It should 'track the truth' [Dancy,J]