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Ideas of Charles Taylor, by Text

[Canadian, b.1931, Formerly at All Soul's in Oxford, then in at McGill University, Canada.]

1989 Sources of the Self
1.1 p.3 Selfhood and moral values are inextricably intertwined
1.1 p.7 Consistency presupposes intrinsic description
1.1 p.8 To have respect for people, you must feel their claims, or their injustices, or hold them in awe
2.3 p.50 I can only be aware of myself as a person who changes by means of my personal history
3.3 p.82 In later utilitarianism the modern stress on freedom leads to the rejection of paternalism
3.3 p.82 Nominalists defended the sovereignty of God against the idea of natural existing good and evil
Pref p.-3 My aim is to map the connections between our sense of self and our moral understanding
13.1 p.211 The modern self has disengaged reason, self-exploration, and personal commitment
13.1 p.212 Willingness to risk life was the constitutive quality of the man of honour