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Ideas of Jacques Derrida, by Text

[French, 1930 - 2005, Born in Algeria.]

1967 Implications
p.5 p.5 Deconstructing philosophy gives the history of concepts, and the repressions behind them
p.7 p.7 The movement of 'différance' is the root of all the oppositional concepts in our language
1968 Semiology and Grammatology
p.26 p.26 Everything that is experienced in consciousness is meaning
1971 Positions
p.40 p.40 I try to analyse certain verbal concepts which block and confuse the dialectical process
p.76 p.76 Deconstruction is not neutral; it intervenes
1980 later work
p.191 Derrida came to believe in the undeconstructability of justice, which cannot be relativised [Critchley]
1990 works
p.48 Hermeneutics blunts truth, by conforming it to the inerpreter [Zimmermann,J]
p.59 Derrida says that all truth-talk is merely metaphor [Engel]
p.137 Hermeneutics is hostile, try to overcome the other person's difference [Zimmermann,J]