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Ideas of Wilfrid Sellars, by Text

[American, 1912 - 1989, Taught at the University of Pittsburgh.]

1956 Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind
Ch. n22 p.250 The 'grain problem' says physical objects are granular, where sensations appear not to be [Polger]
1956 Does Emp.Knowledge have Foundation?
p.120 p.120 The concept of 'green' involves a battery of other concepts
p.123 p.123 If observation is knowledge, it is not just an experience; it is a justification in the space of reasons
p.123 p.123 Observations like 'this is green' presuppose truths about what is a reliable symptom of what
1962 Philosophy and Scientific Image of Man
p.27 p.95 Reduction requires that an object's properties consist of its constituents' properties and relations