Ideas of Thales, by Theme

[Greek, c.625 - 545 BCE, Born and died in Miletus. At the court of King Croesus, at Miletus.]

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1. Philosophy / B. History of Ideas / 2. Ancient Thought
Thales was the first western thinker to believe the arché was intelligible
10. Modality / C. Sources of Modality / 5. Modality from Actuality
Nothing is stronger than necessity, which rules everything
26. Natural Theory / B. Concepts of Nature / 1. Basis of Nature
Thales said water is the first principle, perhaps from observing that food is moist
27. Natural Reality / A. Physics / 2. Movement
Thales must have thought soul causes movement, since he thought magnets have soul
29. Religion / B. Polytheistic Religion / 2. Paganism
Thales said the gods know our wrong thoughts as well as our evil actions