Ideas of Frank Close, by Theme

[British, fl. 1983, At the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire.]

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26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 1. Laws of Nature
General relativity assumes laws of nature are the same in all frames of reference
27. Natural Reality / A. Space-Time / 3. Space-Time
Space-time is indeterminate foam over short distances
27. Natural Reality / C. Nature of Matter / 1. Modern Matter
Modern theories of matter are grounded in heat, work and energy
27. Natural Reality / C. Nature of Matter / 3. Fields
Electric fields have four basic laws (two by Gauss, one by Ampère, one by Faraday)
In QED, electro-magnetism exists in quantum states, emitting and absorbing electrons
The Higgs field is an electroweak plasma - but we don't know what stuff it consists of
Quantum fields contain continual rapid creation and disappearance
27. Natural Reality / C. Nature of Matter / 5. Electrons
Dirac showed how electrons conform to special relativity
Electrons get their mass by interaction with the Higgs field
27. Natural Reality / D. Activity of Matter / 3. Energy
Third Law: total order and minimum entropy only occurs at absolute zero
First Law: energy can change form, but is conserved overall
27. Natural Reality / D. Activity of Matter / 4. Light
Electro-magnetic waves travel at light speed - so light is electromagnetism!
Light isn't just emitted in quanta called photons - light is photons
In general relativity the energy and momentum of photons subjects them to gravity
Photon exchange drives the electro-magnetic force
27. Natural Reality / D. Activity of Matter / 5. Heat
Work degrades into heat, but not vice versa
27. Natural Reality / D. Activity of Matter / 6. Special Relativity
The electric and magnetic are tightly linked, and viewed according to your own motion
All motions are relative and ambiguous, but acceleration is the same in all inertial frames
27. Natural Reality / G. Cosmology / 4. General Relativity
Newton is a special case of Einstein's general theory, with an infinite speed of light
General Relativity says there is no absolute force or acceleration
The general relativity equations relate curvature in space-time to density of energy-momentum