Ideas of Paul Bernays, by Theme

[Swiss, 1888 - 1977, Professor at Göttingen. Worked closely with Hilbert.]

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4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 8. Critique of Set Theory
Very few things in set theory remain valid in intuitionist mathematics
6. Mathematics / B. Foundations for Mathematics / 2. Axioms for Geometry
Euclid says we can 'join' two points, but Hilbert says the straight line 'exists'
6. Mathematics / C. Sources of Mathematics / 1. Mathematical Platonism / a. For mathematical platonism
Restricted Platonism is just an ideal projection of a domain of thought
6. Mathematics / C. Sources of Mathematics / 6. Logicism / d. Logicism critique
Mathematical abstraction just goes in a different direction from logic