Ideas of Michael Frede, by Theme

[British, b.1940, Of Keble College, Oxford.]

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1. Philosophy / C. History of Philosophy / 3. Earlier European Philosophy / b. Early medieval philosophy
Earlier views of Aristotle were dominated by 'Categories'
     Full Idea: For centuries 'Categories' and 'De Interpretatione' (+ Porphyry's 'Isagoge') formed the core of the philosophical corpus still being seriously studied. It is hardly surprising that our received view of Aristotle was coloured substantially by 'Categories'.
     From: Michael Frede (Title, Unity, Authenticity of the 'Categories' [1983], I)
     A reaction: He adds that doubts remain about the authenticity of the second part, and the whole thing bears marks of having been edited.
9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 9. Ship of Theseus
Insurance on the original ship would hardly be paid out if the plank version was wrecked!
     Full Idea: No insurance company, presented with a policy written for 'Theoris' [the original ship] would pay for damages suffered if the ship contructed from the old planks had been shipwrecked.
     From: Michael Frede (Individuals in Aristotle [1978])
     A reaction: A very nicely dramatic way of presenting what is taken to be the usual reading of the basic case - that the original identity tracks the continuity of the original structure, not the matter.