Ideas of Bob Hale/ Aviv Hoffmann, by Theme

[, fl. 2010, Of Sheffield and Geneva Universities.]

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10. Modality / A. Necessity / 1. Types of Modality
Maybe modal thought is unavoidable, as a priori recognition of necessary truth-preservation in reasoning
     Full Idea: There are 'transcendental' arguments saying that modal thought is unavoidable - recognition, a priori, of the necessarily truth-preserving character of some forms of inference is a precondition for rational thought in general, and scientific theorizing.
     From: Bob Hale/ Aviv Hoffmann (Introduction to 'Modality' [2010], 1)
     A reaction: So the debate about the status of logical truths and valid inference, are partly debates about whether out thought has to involve modality, or whether it could just be about the actual world. I take possibilities and necssities to be features of nature.