Ideas of Weisberg/Needham/Hendry, by Theme

[, fl. 2011, ]

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14. Science / D. Explanation / 2. Types of Explanation / h. Explanations by mechanism
Using mechanisms as explanatory schemes began in chemistry
Thick mechanisms map whole reactions, and thin mechanism chart the steps
27. Natural Reality / A. Physics / 1. Matter / e. Greek elements
Lavoisier's elements included four types of earth
27. Natural Reality / B. Chemistry / 1. Chemistry
Water molecules dissociate, and form large polymers, explaining its properties
It is unlikely that chemistry will ever be reduced to physics
Quantum theory won't tell us which structure a set of atoms will form
For temperature to be mean kinetic energy, a state of equilibrium is also required
Over 100,000,000 compounds have been discovered or synthesised
'H2O' just gives the element proportions, not the microstructure
27. Natural Reality / B. Chemistry / 2. Modern elements
Isotopes (such as those of hydrogen) can vary in their rates of chemical reaction
27. Natural Reality / B. Chemistry / 3. Periodic Table
Mendeleev systematised the elements, and also gave an account of their nature