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To be is to have causal powers.

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To be is to have causal powers


Samuel Alexander (works [1927], 4), quoted by Jaegwon Kim - Nonreductivist troubles with ment.causation

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Kim,Jaegwon: 'Supervenience and Mind' [CUP 1993], p.348

A Reaction

This is sometimes called Alexander's Principle. It is first found in Plato, and is popular with physicalists, but there are problem cases... A thing needs to exist in order to have causal powers. To exist is more than to be perceived.

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Idea 7022 To be is to have a capacity, to act on other things, or to receive actions [Plato]

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Idea 4237 Concrete and abstract objects are distinct because the former have causal powers and relations [Lowe]

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