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Anaxagoras contrasts with other thinkers in the formula that his 'elements' were not the air of Anaximenes or the fire of Heraclitus or the roots of Empedocles or the atoms of Leucippus, but the infinite variety of homoiomereia.


'homoiomereia' are stuffs of which all the parts have the same constitution as the whole

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The ultimate constituents of reality are the homoeomeries


report of Anaxagoras (fragments/reports [c.460 BCE]) by Gregory Vlastos - The Physical Theory of Anaxagoras III

Book Reference

Vlastos,Gregory: 'Studies in Greek Phil I: The Presocratics', ed/tr. Graham,D.W [Princeton 1993], p.327

A Reaction

Not sure about the 'roots' of Empedocles. Anaxagoras is particularly thinking of the basic stuffs that make up the body, such as hair, bone and blood. It is plausible to reduce everything to stuffs that seem to have no further structure.