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The Aristotelian schedule of categories - substance, quality, quantity, relation, action, passion, place, time, and so forth - appears to peter out inconsequentially.

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The categories (substance, quality, quantity, relation, action, passion, place, time) peter out inconsequentially


comment on Aristotle (Categories [c.331 BCE]) by Josť A. Benardete - Metaphysics: the logical approach Ch.7

Book Reference

Benardete,Josť A.: 'Metaphysics: The Logical Approach' [OUP 1989], p.42

A Reaction

Compare Idea 5544 for Kant's attempt to classify categories. Personally I like the way Aristotle's 'peter out'. That seems to me a more plausible character for good metaphysics.

Related Idea

Idea 5544 Four categories of concept: Quantity, Quality, Relation and Modality [Kant]