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If communitarians are right that we are not free to choose, but rather that our values are determined by our community, the individualists say, then there is no reason to criticise the values of one's society.

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If our values are given to us by society then we have no grounds to criticise them


Avineri,S/De-Shalit,A (Intro to 'Communitarianism and Individualism' [1992], 5)

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'Communitarianism and Individualism', ed/tr. Avineri,S. /de-Shalit,A. [OUP 1992], p.10

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This is an obvious challenge, but if one's concept of community is a forum for free debate then it can be overcome. There is no avoiding the fact, though, that a good community always needs a high degree of consensus.

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Idea 22815 If freedom depends on society and culture, the greatest freedom is in shaping them [Taylor,C]