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Physic inquireth and handleth the material and efficient causes; and metaphysic handleth the formal and final causes.


'Physic' here is 'physics' (not 'medicine')

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Physics is of material and efficient causes, metaphysics of formal and final causes


Francis Bacon (The Advancement of Learning [1605], II.VII.3)

Book Reference

Bacon,Francis: 'Advancement of Learning/New Atlantis' [OUP 1966], p.109

A Reaction

Compare Idea 12119. This divides up Aristotle's famous Four Causes (or Explanations), outlined in 'Physics' II.3. The concept of 'matter', and the nature of 'cause' seem to me to fall with the purview of metaphysics. Interesting, though.

Related Idea

Idea 12119 Physics studies transitory matter; metaphysics what is abstracted and necessary [Bacon]